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ARKOR- design and manufacture of valves

ARKOR Corporation (“Valve Corporation”) is one of the leaders in the field of valve production and furnishing.  Since 1993, all the activities of the corporation aims to fully meet demands for products quality  supplied to chemical, nuclear, power, metallurgy, oil and gas and pipeline industry.  

WE PRODUCES:Продукция компании АРКОР

Wedged Gate Valve: DN 15-1600,  PN 0.4-25,0 МPа. Parallel Single Disc Gate Valve: DN25-200, PN до 35,0 МPа. Knife Valve : DN  50-1200, PN 0,6-2,5 МPа. Valve: DN 10-450, Pp до 40.0 МPа t till 560°С . Ball Valve DN 10 - 1200 PN до 25.0 МPа Globe Valve DN 10-80 Рр до 37.3 МPа: t till 560 °С: Check Valve DN 15 1200 PN до 25.0 МПа Double Gland Globe Valve DN 15 - 200 PN 1.6 - 20.0 МPа Globe Valve DN 10 - 600 PN до 16.0 МPа Impulsive Valve DN 20,25: Рр до 25,0 MPa Shutdown Valve DN 50 - 150: PN до 32,0 МPа Butterfly Valve DN 10- 1200: PN 1.0; 1.6: 2.5 МPа
 Производство трубопроводной арматуры

Valve Corporation today is:

• License to manufacture valves for nuclear power plants • Federal service license for 11 valve species • ISO sertification • Hi-tech valve methods of manufacture • 100% control of valves on unique test stands • 9-point seismic strength of products on a MSK-64 scale • High level of technical training

The range of ARKOR valves:

Wedged Gate Valve :   30с41нж,  30с541нж, 30с941нж, 30лс41нж, 30лс541нж, 30лс941нж, 30нж41нж    PN 1,6 МПа DN 50–1200 мм; 30с64нж,  30с564нж, 30с964нж, 30лс64нж, 30лс564нж, 30лс964нж, 30нж64нж    PN 2,5 МПа DN 50–1200 мм; 30с15нж,  30с515нж, 30с915нж  30лс15нж, 30лс515нж, 30лс915нж, 30нж15нж    PN 4,0 МПа DN 50–1200 мм; 30с76нж,  30с576нж, 30с976нж, 30лс76нж, 30лс576нж, 30лс976нж, 30нж76нж    PN 6,3 МПа DN 50–1200 мм; 30с16нж,  30с516нж, 30с916нж, 30лс16нж, 30лс516нж, 30лс916нж, 30нж16нж    PN 10,0 МПа; DN 50–1200 мм; 30с45нж,  30с545нж, 30с945нж  30лс45нж, 30лс545нж, 30лс945нж, 30нж45нж    PN 16,0-20,0  МПа DN 50–600 мм. Wedged Gate Valve  31с45нж,  31лс45нж, 31нж45нж    PN 1,6-25,0  МПа DN 15-150 мм. Parallel Single Disc Gate Valve 30с70нж,  30с570нж, 30с970нж, 30лс70нж,  30лс570нж, 30лс970нж, 30нж70нж    PN 1,6-16,0  МПа DN 50-1200 мм. 31с71нж,  31лс71нж, 30нж71нж   PN 1,6-35,0  МПа DN 50-200 мм   Globe Valve  :   15с65нж, 15лс65нж, 15нж65ж, 15с22нж, 15лс22нж, 15нж22ж, 15с76нж, 15лс76нж, 15нж76нж, 15с45нж, 15лс45нж, 15нж45нж, 15с52нж, 15лс52нж, 15нж52нж, 15с67бк, 15лс67бк, 15нж67бк, 15с67бнж, 15лс67нж, 15нж67нж 15нж68нж, 15с68нж, 15лс68нж   PN 1,6 – 16,0 МПа DN 10–300 мм; 31с41нж DN 15–40 мм, PN 1,6 МПа; 31с15нж DN 15–40 мм, PN 4,0 МПа; 31с18нж DN 15–40 мм, PN 6,3 МПа; 31нж16нж DN 15-40 мм, PN 10,0 МПа; 31с45нж, 31лс77нж DN 15–40 мм, PN 16,0 МПа.